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The following are a bunch of links that will be useful to any buyer, seller, or anybody interesting in learing more about real estate, or the city of Claremont!

Real Estate!

btn_viewmy_160x33LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 30 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn helps me exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with other real estate professionals and people in related lines of work. LinkedIn also allows me to network with more potential clients, which means more buyers for your home, or more available properties for my buyer clients to have available to them! is a Real Estate database that provides lots of great information about real estate and the local markets. It is also a great tool for viewing aerials and street views of neighborhoods. While Zillow also provides an estimation of value on properties, referred to as "Zestimates," one should always consult a local REALTOR® who specializes in that neighborhood for an accurate estimation of value, as Zillow cannot take into consideration value attributed to upgrades, condition of property, location, and special circumstances that a REALTOR® would be able to identify. is a real estate database that gathers a comprehensive collection of properties currently on the market for sale. It is a great property search tool, and also provides some useful market information. One may also run a property search directly via the Multiple Listing Service which is the largest and most commonly used real estate database by REALTORS®. That tool can be found by clicking my property search tab.


City of Claremont: The City of Claremont's Home Page.

Claremont Calendar: Find out the where's and when's of Claremont's community events, city meetings, and recreational & senior programs!

The Claremont Colleges: Learn more about Claremont's 7 esteemed Universities.

Claremont Chamber of Commerce: Learn about Claremont's local businesses and how the Chamber works to promote businesses within the city.

Claremont Unified School District: Claremont's schools have consistantly earned high recognition as some of the best schools in the area.

Metrolink Station, Claremont: Find train schedules both in, and out of Claremont.

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